Hello world! The Five Minute Solution Betanix® Jobsite. ….


A revolutionary system with technologically advanced mold control products for the treatment of and prevention of mold in existing structures.

The Five Minute Solution

Unlike other products which take hours to be effective, facilities and surfaces treated by Betanix® 100 Jobsite .can be used within 5 minutes of treatment. By injecting its foam application through drywall, Betanix® 100 Jobsite. Minimizes drywall damage caused by tearing out drywall that is not damaged by mold. However, drywall damaged by mold still has to be removed even when using the Betanix® 100 Jobsite. Injection system.

How does it work?

In order for fungal and mold spores to colonize, surface moisture is required. This same moisture mobilizes the active ingredients in Betanix® 100 Jobsite. Which forms a film of active ingredients that become available once the spores try to feed on the substrate. Betanix® 100 Jobsite applied as foam not only prevents any further activity and growth, but will penetrate treated cellulose surfaces to various depths dependent on the moisture in the surface and the wood species.

Protect the real estate you can’t see.

The mode of action for Betanix® 100 Jobsite.is that of a metabolic inhibitor. In the case of fungi and molds it causes a breakdown in the normal feeding cycle of these organisms. And, since the active ingredient in Betanix® 100 Jobsite never breaks down, as normal moisture changes occur in the wood over time, it continues to kill mold as it’s drawn deeper into the wood, providing long-lasting protection.


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