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Betanix® 100 Jobsite offers a discreet, full service treatment to eliminate active mold problems and prevent against the threat of future ones. Using the most advanced technology in mold treatment, the odorless formula is sprayed on framing lumber during pre-construction forming a water repellent coating as it dries.

• A quick and prompt treatment using existing equipment and labor

• Treatment provides insurance credits for homeowner

• Product provides long-lasting protection from mold in voids, roof spaces, crawl spaces      and all other treated areas

• Adds less than 1% to the cost of the house for unique protection*

• Kills all mold on contact and protects from further infection with revolutionary water               repellent coating


This is accompanied with a picture of an architected home, and a shot of the interior of the same pre-fab home from the interior.

Betanix® 100 Jobsite is a ready-to-use product that can be sprayed using an airless sprayer on all studs, beams, trusses and joists once the structure is ‘closed-in’. An expeditious process (3-4 hours per house) that will easily fit in around other contractors, with no need to clear the site and utilizing a private crew so scheduling is easy and well organized.

*Betanix UK Ltd. provides a ten (10) year warranty when product is applied by a certified applicator.

Over time the active ingredients do not break down but actually remain dynamically ready and as normal moisture changes occur, specifically in wood, Betanix® 100 Jobsite.is drawn deeper into wood’s fibers providing long-lasting protection.

How Can Betanix® 100 Jobsite Best Be Used?

If you suspect you have a mold problem, first assess the condition of the property by attaining an inspection by calling the experts at Betanix® 100 Jobsite. at 1-800-000-0000. If a mold problem does exist the property owner will be counseled on the extent and a plan for the mold remediation will be recommended. Mold and Decay fungi can infect and rapidly destroy wood and other surfaces where there are moisture problems. By spraying Betanix® 100 Jobsite on all visible wood surfaces at the ‘dried-in’ stage, mold growth will be stopped and prevented from growing on the treated surfaces*. Betanix® 100 Jobsite is highly toxic to mold and decay fungi and will kill the mold and fungi present on contact and protect against future infections.

Problems that may have led to the infestation or that may do so in the future must be corrected.  This includes correcting moisture leaks, providing adequate ventilation and creating moisture barriers.

HEAD: Technical Information

Betanix® 100 Jobsite.is a unique EPA registered foam applied product for preventative and remedial treatment against mold and wood destroying fungi.

The active ingredient in Betanix® 100 Jobsite.is a boron compound, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate. One of the benefits of this compound is its chemical stability over time. It does not break down, thus providing long-lasting protection and residual control.

Betanix® 100 Jobsite will not corrode metals normally used in construction. This includes ferrous metals, galvanized metals, screws, nails and wiring.

Fungi, mildews, mold and wood rots are the result of either high moisture present in the wood (wood rots) or lack of adequate air circulation (mildew). Treated wood can be machined, shaped, painted and glued. Betanix® 100 Jobsite is formulated with revolutionary technology allowing the product to be applied directly onto molds growing in areas hidden from view and difficult to access.

Once an area has been treated and the hole repaired, the space can be put back to its original use immediately.

Betanix® will not discolor most wood and is compatible with most paints and sealants. If the aesthetic look of the wood is a concern, it is suggested that a small, non-visible area be tested for discoloration. Allow the section to dry and if there is no damage, proceed with the application.

HEAD: Remedial Applications


Betanix® 100 Jobsite.is applied in wall voids by injection through the drywall surface as a foam to create contact with the drywall and wood surfaces of the studs in the wall or target area. Betanix® 100 Jobsite. Can be applied as foam directly to surfaces, applied to joints and injected into void areas such as studded and block walls. Where possible, place foam between wood joints and abutting wood surfaces. Foam is not to be used as a soil treatment technique. The foam should be of a consistency that adheres to the surface, minimizing run-off.

For brand new construction ask your Betanix® mold (Mould) expert about Betanix® 100 Jobsite.

: Use Betanix® Jobsite Paint & Primers. Painttime® Primertime®