A revolutionary system with technologically advanced mold control. …

A revolutionary system with technologically advanced mold control products for the treatment of and prevention of mold in existing structures.

The Five Minute Solution

Unlike other products which take hours to be effective, facilities and surfaces treated by Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite .can be used within 5 minutes of treatment. By injecting its foam application through drywall, Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite. Minimizes drywall damage caused by tearing out drywall that is not damaged by mold. However, drywall damaged by mold still has to be removed even when using the Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite. Injection system.

How does it work?

In order for fungal and mold spores to colonize, surface moisture is required. This same moisture mobilizes the active ingredients in Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite. Which forms a film of active ingredients that become available once the spores try to feed on the substrate. Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite applied as foam not only prevents any further activity and growth, but will penetrate treated cellulose surfaces to various depths dependent on the moisture in the surface and the wood species.

Protect the real estate you can’t see.

The mode of action for Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite.is that of a metabolic inhibitor. In the case of fungi and molds it causes a breakdown in the normal feeding cycle of these organisms. And, since the active ingredient in Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite never breaks down, as normal moisture changes occur in the wood over time, it continues to kill mold as it’s drawn deeper into the wood, providing long-lasting protection.

What can it be used for?

Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite.is applied as foam for treatment against all types of mold. Mold and Decay fungi can infect and rapidly destroy wood and other surfaces where there are moisture problems. Some molds and fungi can actively transport moisture from the ground or a leak to wood and other surfaces of lower moisture content in efforts to expand the colonization of the fungi. Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite.is highly toxic to mold and decay fungi and will kill the mold and fungi present on contact and protect against future infections.

Preventing the problem of mold


Where you have continual exposure to moisture and heat you have areas that are vulnerable to mold. Therefore, problems that may have led to the infestation or that may do so in the future must be corrected. This includes fixing moisture leaks, providing adequate ventilation and moisture barriers.

Structural Applications


Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite can be applied as foam in several ways. In wall voids, you can inject through the drywall which allows the foam to contact the drywall and wood surfaces of the studs in the wall or target area. Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite also can be applied as foam directly to surfaces, applied to joints and injected into void areas such as studded and block walls. Where possible, place foam between wood joints or abutting wood surfaces. However, foam is not to be used as a soil treatment technique. The foam should be of a consistency that adheres to the surface, minimizing run-off.

Technical information

The ONLY EPA Registered mold eliminator, killer

product treatment system.

Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite is a unique EPA registered product for preventative and remedial treatment against mold and wood destroying fungi that can be applied as a solution or as foam.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite is Bx 236. One of the benefits of this compound is its chemical stability over time. It does not break down thus providing long-lasting protection and residual control.

Will NOT Corrode Metals

Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite will not corrode metals normally used in construction. This includes ferrous metals, galvanized metals, screws and nails. Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite will not affect electrical wiring either, but it is recommended that applications be performed before wiring is in place. If electricity is connected ensure the power is turned off before applying the product.

What stinks?

Fungi, mildews, mold and wood rots are the result of either high moisture present in the wood (wood rots) or lack of adequate air circulation (ventilation) in the case of mildews and molds. A ‘mustiness’ or damp odor may be associated with these conditions. When Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite.is applied, the increased moisture may enhance this odor. When possible, consider using fans or increasing ventilation to reduce the odor.

Preventing Allergic Reactions

When mildew and mold fungi are present, the spraying of areas where there is active growth of the fungi may cause some spores of the fungi to become airborne. Mold spores can cause reactions in people allergic to these organisms. Make sure applications are performed at the recommended pressures, or consider using paint on applications to areas of active growth to reduce the possibility of airborne spores.

Steps to Success

Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite should be applied only to bare, unsealed wood, drywall, plywood (and all other engineered wood products) and other cellulose materials where an intact water repellent barrier such as paint, stain or a sealer is not present. Dirt, debris and any existing water repellent finish must be removed to allow absorption of Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite into the wood. Allow the wood to dry before applying the product. Treated wood can be machined, shaped, painted and glued.

Steps to Avoid

Foam application to sealed surfaces should be avoided. Should this happen accidentally, a white residue of Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite may appear once the surface has dried. This can be removed with hot water and a cloth – do not use solvent based cleaners.


Betanix® 100.1 Jobsite will not discolor most wood and is compatible with most paints and sealants. If the aesthetic look of the wood is a concern, it is suggested that a small, non-visible area be tested for discoloration. Allow the section to dry and if there is no damage, proceed with the application.



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